I took your heart and put it in a little cage. I looked at it, reveling in the sin that it belonged to me. But I didn't care for it. I let it grow wings and fly away. So let me devour it this time.

-Devil's Descent I: purgatory


Classic mythology and folklore prove some of the best love stories aren't always strictly about love, but rather many other better things.

Lust. Obsession. Conflict. Angst. Hatred. Passion.

Rarely are these tales celebrated in the same vein as their gentler counterparts. However, they still manage to brand their mark upon our secret, darker desires.


Perhaps it is the indistinguishable line between Hero and Villain, Virgin and Temptress which make them so exquisite and impossible to ignore.

DelSin Publishing represents tales straddling the lines between love and hate. These are the kind of novels that challenge the accepted definitions of love and courtship. Our books defy the convention that all dark romances fall into a prescribed formula.

DelSin Publishing doesn't promise an easy read, or even a happy ending, but it does promise one thing---the most exquisite, violent love stories to be found anywhere.

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