Long, elegant fingers slid across the table's scarred surface. An obscene amount of gold glimmered in the shadow of his perfect hand. "You can sell her soul to me, Broker. It's what you do."

-Suicide Doll

  • An Unwanted Obsession by Charlotte DeCorte

    An Unwanted Obsession

    Alexander Monroe Draven II had been my everything. My first love, my first man, my first heartbreak…My first taste of madness. Certain we were doomed to fail, I walked out on the love of my life nine years before and painstakingly constructed another persona. One who was poised, even-tempered, and outwardly bore no resemblance to the broken girl forever pining for a love that wasn’t meant to be.

    Released April 2013.

  • The Alien Billionaire's Pet by Amelia Amberson

    The Alien Billionaire's Pet

    One minute I was a girl new to the city and out for Chinese. The next I was fighting for my life. Just when I thought I was about to become another statistic, Kristophe Maximillian Cross burst into the alley and saved me by killing my attacker. Without ever physically touching him to do it.

    Released March 2013.

  • Don't Regret This by D. Cristiana

    Don't Regret This (Marcus and Marguerite)

    Six weeks after tying Marguerite to their bed, Marcus summons her to Copenhagen for a week of fun, laughter, and toe-curling passion. Suddenly stripped bare while in his arms, Marguerite is struck with feelings that go beyond basic lust.

    Released January 2013.

  • Lust in Space-Punished by her Alpha Commander by Amelia Amberson

    Lust in Space: Punished by her Alpha Commander

    Lana's star is shining bright. She's saved the Capella Ambassador and dispatched his kidnappers in a daring and risky feat of skill. Her superiors are pleased and she's sure to receive a commendation for her quick wits and quicker trigger finger.

    Released December 2012.

  • Give into Me by D. Cristiana

    Give into Me

    My name is Nina Benton. I am a level-headed, responsible woman who never goes to bed with a man I’m not in a relationship with. Especially not a stranger I meet in a hotel bar. Yet, Alexei Konstantinov is tempting me to do just that. He’s gorgeous, all hard lines and so virile I can help but feel myself melt in his presence.

    Released December 2012.

  • Alice and the White Rabbit by D. Cristiana

    Alice & the White Rabbit

    My name is Alice Light and I used to be a dull, dull girl. That changed one night when I followed a beautiful man dressed in white into an alley, kissed him until I fell at his feet, and ended up in violent, bloody world called Wonderland.

    Released November 2012.

  • Need Me: Being Trevor's Toy by Charlotte DeCorte

    Need Me: Being Trevor's Toy

    Trevor St. John is the CEO of a monolithic corporation. He’s heir to a British title and can trace his direct lineage back to the time of William the Conqueror.He’s also arrogant, prideful, and cold. He rarely tells me he loves me. He’s gone more often than not. He always has to be in control. He thrives on it, needing dominance over all things big and small.

    Released November 2012.

  • Freeing Damian and Taming Juliana by D. Cristiana

    Freeing Damian & Taming Juliana

    After a whirlwind courtship, Damian and Juliana married only to find themselves at each other’s throats six months later. Miserable and locked in battle, it seems divorce is their only option. However, an incident with a broken cage and a Brit brings the Saintes back from the brink and exposes their hidden D/S kinks.

    Released November 2012.

  • Lust in Space: Taken by her Alpha Commander by Amelia Amberson

    Lust in Space: Taken by Her Alpha Commander

    Lana was all set to start her career in the solid, staid world of academics when she happened to catch a holograph from the Universal Imperial Fleet's recruiting center. Right when she's sure she's made a terrible mistake, Lana catches the electric-blue eye of First Commander Arviel.

    Released November 2012.

  • Love Blind by Claudia D. Christian

    Love Blind

    On a blood-soaked balcony in Rio de Janeiro, Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. He accepted and promptly whisked her away to his isolated plantation far from any hope of outside help.

    Released October 2012.

  • Marcus and Marguerite: Make You Cry by D. Cristiana

    Make You Cry (Marcus and Marguerite)

    Marcus and Marguerite had Paris. Now three months later Marguerite wonders just how does her charming assassin sees her—lover, whore, or worse?

    Released August 2012.

  • Becoming Devon's Girl by D. Cristiana

    Becoming Devon's Girl

    Sarah Woods’s life was ordinary if a bit boring. One night that all changes when a gorgeous stranger holds the door open for her. This chance act of kindness leads to a shared love for a classic erotic memoir and a passion for literary debates.

    Released June 2012.

  • Marcus and Marguerite: Don't Look Away by D. Cristiana

    Don't Look Away (Marcus and Marguerite)

    Five months ago Marguerite Grey left an empty life behind to become the paid companion to a charming assassin named Marcus White. Their arrangement has worked marvelously, although it's meant leaving Marguerite alone much of the time.

    Released April 2012.

  • Dark Desires: Owned by D. Cristiana

    Dark Desires: Owned

    Dark Desires: Owned is a dark collection of three erotic romance stories exploring the concept of buying, selling, and trading love through the short stories "Dark Desires: Bought," "Dark Desires: Sold," and "Dark Desires: Traded."

    Released February 2012.

  • Dark Desires: Traded by D. Cristiana

    Dark Desires: Traded

    Cecilia is in a lot of debt and needs a bright and shiny hero to rescue her from shockingly high APRs. Victor is an introverted venture capitalist darling in need of a devoted (and kinky) maid. During a chance encounter Cecilia and Victor come to a mutually beneficial understanding involving spankings, corner-time, and an outlet for their lust...

    Released February 2012.

  • Dark Desires: Kept by D. Cristiana

    Dark Desires: Kept

    Leah and Kiyoshi have been inseparable since they were children. As best friends they turned into lovers and eventually soul mates. Life was beautifully simple until Kiyoshi had to go back to Japan and become heir to the same aristocratic family that disowned his mother over 20 years before for marrying his American father.

    Released January 2012.

  • Darling by Claudia D. Christian


    Cassandra has been groomed to be the Beloved of Lord Constantine. As the Pureblood Vampire King of Nightmares, Lord Constantine has been obsessed with keeping Cassandra sheltered from the necessary cruelty of his world. Unfortunately, good intentions and love are not enough when Cassandra cannot be protected from the one man capable of destroying her--Lord Constantine himself.

    Released December 2011.

  • Dark Desires: Sold by D. Cristiana

    Dark Desires: Sold

    Two years ago a chance encounter brought together Marguerite Grey, a woman with a distinct lack of care for the world, and Marcus White, a man who makes a lucrative living as an assassin. In a moment of uncharacteristic spontaneity, Marcus offers Marguerite half a million dollars a year to be his woman. She accepts.

    Released November 2011.

  • Dark Desires: Bought by D. Cristiana

    Dark Desires: Bought

    Arthur Westerfield has secretly taken his wife, Madeline, to a villa where wealthy men mix business with the pleasure of expensive whores. When Madeline disobeys him and is accosted by a business associate, Arthur punishes his beloved wife by letting her explore the dark desire of being his personal whore...

    Released November 2011.

  • Yes, Mr. Collins by Charlotte DeCorte

    Yes, Mr. Collins

    Natasha Reynolds has worked well under her brilliant yet demanding boss, Mr. Collins, for over a year. One night he accuses her of making a mistake and their dynamics take a dark but erotic turn. When Mr. Collins confesses to seeing Natasha as his prey she is forced to admit her submissive side can no longer be completely confined to their working relationship.

    Released October 2011.

  • Cry for Me by Charlotte DeCorte

    Cry for Me

    Ava is emotionally complicated. Sevastian is emotionally repressed. To ease the burdens of their high-stress lives, they like to play violent dominance and submission games. However, one night things go too far. How will Ava and Sevastian come to terms with the dark knowledge that it's not all just fun and games but a new way of life?

    Released July 2011.

  • Devil's Descent II: impure by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent II: impure

    Sequel to Devil's Descent I: purgatory. Set two years prior to volume I, Lily and Julian's disturbing tale begins. She fights to keep her sanity while hatred for Julian threatens to consume completely. He lives to destroy the girl he once fought to keep safe. Yet, obsession will not die.

    It simply bides its time...

    Released February 2011.

  • Suicide Doll by Claudia D. Christian

    Suicide Doll

    Narcissus, a demigod born from a secret union between Echo and Narcissus, was once given a young girl named Lisette. Growing up together in a magnificent London house, Narcissus and Lisette shared one heart, one mind, and one life. However, adolescence polluted innocent love and turned it into self-destructive debauchery.

    Released August 2010

  • Devil's Descent I: purgatory by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent I: purgatory

    Julian Douglas exists solely for the night he finds his human pet Lily. Lily Walker exists solely for the night she finds peace from the nightmare that is Julian Douglas. Julian finds Lily. Lily suffers Julian. In the end, who finds freedom? The master who is a slave to his pet? Or the pet who never wanted to run away from her master?

    Released July 2010

  • Vicious Bliss: fallen by Claudia D. Christian

    Vicious Bliss: fallen

    Katherine Merror has spent the last seven years passing through the night with a blissful smile and vicious heart. When she wakes up alone in a white room she wonders if her reckless flirtation with violence and death has finally caught up with her. Unfortunately for Katherine, it's a lot more complicated than that.

    Released May 2010.

  • Fracture by Claudia D. Christian


    The fracture in a damaged heart knows only one torment...love.

    Mercy, Fate, Paradise, and Family are four short stories that explore the consequences of giving a heart away.

    Released February 2010.

  • Paradise by Claudia D. Christian


    This short story is one of four offered in Fracture--A Miserable Love Collection.

    Isa lives in a perfect world. So why does another life haunt her? Desperate to keep her secret, she denies the ugly truth--only to find Hell a kiss away.

    Released February 2010.

  • Love Unfortunate by Claudia D. Christian

    Love Unfortunate

    A murder of crows flew by, startling Liana out of miserable turmoil. Their raucous chatter warned of what her raw core already knew. Liana's moans ceased abruptly and the tears ran dry. She eyed the lone window. Terrible longing stained her vivid green irises. Night was coming.

    So was Laurent.

    Released January 2010.

  • Devil's Descent III: divided by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent III: divided

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Devil's Descent IV: filthy by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent IV: filthy

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Devil's Descent V: bitter by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent V: bitter

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Devil's Descent VI: damnation by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Descent VI: damnation

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Devil's Delight: captivation by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Delight: captivation

    A Devil's Descent sidestory Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Devil's Delight: fascination by Claudia D. Christian

    Devil's Delight: fascination

    A Devil's Descent sidestory Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • My Love Break by Charlotte DeCorte

    My Love Break

    Prequel to My Love Forgive

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • My Love Forgive by Charlotte DeCorte

    My Love Forgive

    Description coming soon.

    To be announced.

  • Vicious Bliss: broken by Claudia D. Christian

    Vicious Bliss: broken

    Sequel to Vicious Bliss: fallen. Katherine Merror finds herself on the other side, broken but not defeated. Her entire world has changed but she's determined to wrest control from those who would keep her as a pawn. Mikhail's desperate love seeks to entrap as strongly as Azer's obsession sought to free. Now to go forward, she must go back.

    To be announced.

  • Grim Alice by Claudia D. Christian

    Grim Alice

    Alice has no last name. She has no past other than what Nephilim, an organization governing the human and supernatural worlds, has given her. Intelligent and determined, she is a perfect fit for this life. She's also a perfect fit for her partner Yukio, a noble Nephilim Pureblood with lineage and patrimony stretching for centuries. Too bad for Alice...

    To be announced.